Senior Division: Grades 9-12

Audition Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018 – see audition information for locations. Times will be assigned.

Registration Deadline: Sunday, March 25, 2018, at midnight. See registration for more information. The registration fee for the senior division is $75.

1. Each applicant must present two memorized selections from contrasting periods of music: one selection from either the Baroque or Classical periods AND one selection from either the Romantic, Impressionist, or contemporary periods. Selections must be of advanced level. Concerti, popular music, transcriptions or arrangements will not be accepted. Total audition time will not exceed 10 minutes, although the combined length of the pieces may be longer than 10 minutes. Judges will stop pieces at their discretion within the time limit. This will not affect scores.

2. Applicants must bring the original sheet music to the audition. Applicants bringing photocopies will forfeit their audition.

3. Applicants must have studied with their present teacher for at least six months.

4. Winners will perform at the Winners’ Concert, with the exception of Honorable Mention winners. Any winners not in attendance at the concert forfeit their award. Adjudicators¬†select the concert repertoire. Repertoire for the Winners’ Concert cannot be changed at the teacher’s or student’s discretion.

McGaughey Platinum Prize, Gr 11-12 ($1500)
First Prize, Gr 11-12 ($1000)
Grand Prize, Gr 9-10 ($750)
First Prize, Gr 9-10 ($500)
Honorable Mention, Gr 9-12 ($150)