• Read the competition requirements: GRADES 3-8 GRADES 9-12
  • Write a paragraph about yourself. We want to know more about you as a person: hobbies, activities you participate in other than piano, honors you have received, future plans, or other items of interest. Please leave out information that is already elsewhere in the application, such as your grade, school, and teacher’s name. Use complete sentences, but don’t stress about perfection. This paragraph will be edited for our program if you are selected as a winner.
  • Optional: choose a photo. You may submit a digital photo with your registration(10 MB or smaller). By submitting a photo, you agree that your photo may be used on our website and/or on our Facebook page if you are selected as a winner.
  • Check your calendar for the audition date and the winners’ concert date. We regret that we cannot accommodate scheduling requests in the junior division. In the senior division, we have more flexibility in scheduling and may be able to accommodate requests for morning or afternoon, though we cannot guarantee specific times. We would like to be aware of siblings who may also be participating and any medical conditions which would necessitate particular accommodations in audition times.
  • Get your credit/debit card. The fee for the Senior division is $75; the fee for the Junior division is $40.


  • You will receive an instant, automatic confirmation email (at the email listed for the applicant). Kindly verify that the registration information is correct. You may submit any necessary corrections by replying directly to the confirmation email.
  • You will also receive a payment confirmation email. This email is very important and contains your transaction ID, which will be used with your grade when we post audition times on the auditions page.
  • If you do not receive these emails, please check your bulk/spam folder before contacting us.


When you are ready to begin, please click on the link below. The application form will open in a new window. You will not be able to save or submit incomplete applications. These links will only work during the active registration period (March 1 -31). Please note that applicants who register after March 25th will pay a late fee of $60.